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Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I cancel my transportation in case there is a ship delay?
    Yes, we understand that there will be times you have to cancel. Please understand there may be a case-by-case cancelation fee. We may have driven and hour to get to you and now we will be returning without you.
  • Are there additional fees for wait times?
    Yes, the first hour of waiting from the specified pick up time is complimentary, any additional waiting time will incur additional charges pending the vehicle type. Be sure to ask your representative at the time of booking.
  • Where do you drop us off or pick us up?
    Elite vehicles are legally permitted to get to the closest terminal entrances and can drop you right at the check in area for the ship.
  • Do you provide service to the port of Galveston and the cruise ships?
    Absolutely! We would love to be your choice for a luxury arrival and/or pick up before or after a nice long and hard vacation.
  • What is your Cancellation Policy?
    We are sorry but all limousine & bus reservations should be considered as non-refundable. Ensure that your event and guests are committed to the trip before reserving. We suggest you always have alternate plans for your evening in case of an event cancellation. In most cases, we will work to re-book your vehicle with another client to minimize your expense, but this is usually not possible with short notice.
  • What if my flight gets clanceled?
    We do not charge any fees if an airline cancels your flight before take off in to Houston. Please note it is the responsibility of the traveler or booking agent to notify our office at 409-218-8886 to advise us of any new travel arrangements.
  • What if my flight gets diverted?
    Diversions rarely happen and can be tough to deal with. Usually information is inaccurate, or very hard to get out of the airline. We will do our best to be there for you regardless. In some circumstances, we may charge a $40 diversion fee and/or additional time. In rare instances where we find that accurate or valid arrival information is not available, we will send you a cancellation and you will need to call in to re-reserve your transportation when accurate information is available. This may help minimize any additional cost to you.
  • Where should I meet my Chauffeur?
    About Time Limousine Services' Professional Chauffeurs will be looking to meet you with a greeting sign (with your initial and last name on it) on the baggage claim level. To avoid confusion, please proceed to baggage claim whether you have checked luggage or not.
  • How do I edit or remove the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • What if I can't find my Chauffeur?
    Our chauffeurs are known for routinely arriving at any pick-up location (at a residence, office or airport) 15 minutes prior to your scheduled pick up time. If your chauffeur has not arrived in this time frame, please call 409-218-8886.
  • What are the requirements/qualification for becoming a limousine driver?
    About Time Limousine Service hires Chauffeurs, we do not hire drivers. Drivers are for food deliveries. If you recognize the difference we speak of, About Time is always looking for great Chauffeurs. Please contact us at 409-218-8886.
  • How far in advance should I schedule transportation?
    We can USUALLY make things work with very little notice! We do suggest that you reserve at least 24 hours in advance when possible. This allows us to properly route our vehicles and chauffeurs to ensure that everyone gets picked up on schedule as requested. With peak periods, it may be wise to reserve your vehicle earlier, 2 weeks and up to several months beforehand.
  • Is there a Military and/or 1st Responder discount?
    Yes, here at About Time Limousine Services, we are proud of our Military & 1st Responders. We offer a 10% discount to all that have served and respond. Thank you for your service.
  • Are we insured when we are traveling with About Time?
    Yes! Unlike many other transportation services, all of our vehicles are insured at more than city, state, and federal requirements. If you have any questions about the extent of our insurance coverage for your company or guests, please call us at 409-218-8886.
  • What if we forget something in a limousine?
    Just like all the services out there, About Time cannot be responsible for any lost or forgotten items, but we will take the extra effort to “double-check” for you and also will inform you if we find an item after your trip, or in the future. You are welcome to call us immediately and we will do our best to get your lost item returned.
  • Are there hourly minimums?
    At this time, no. There may be minimums required during peak periods (some examples are prom, major sporting events, etc.) Our representatives will be able to inform you of any minimums required
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